cityviewsI get super excited when a skincare product comes along and knocks my wrinkle-fighting socks off. And CityViews Rapid Repair Eye Cream has done exactly that! What’s different about this eye cream, you ask? This crows’ feet fighter contains a magical ingredient called argireline (similar to botox in that it’s a muscle relaxant/mild method of paralysis). Now how awesome is that, anti-aging enthusiasts? And the proof is in the pudding cream: our tester used this light-weight eye cream for three weeks and was elated with the results, touting less fine lines, overall firmer skin around the eyes, and reduced discoloration/dark circles!

You can nab this oh-so-awesome wrinkle reducer ($67) via City Cosmetics’ website. And while you’re there, be sure to check out their CityLips lip plumper….we swear this stuff makes our lips, like, 3 times plumper (as in give-Angelina-Jolie-a run-for-her-money plumper)…

Botox-like results sans the needle? Yes, please….

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rock your hair 1

Calling all volume-seeking hair enthusiasts! Allow me to introduce you to Rock Your Hair. I’ll admit, the name alone sucked me in (I mean, who doesn’t want big-volume, rockstar-esque hair?)…but the packaging was the cincher. Rhinestone-encrusted hair products? Yes, please!

The line is an exstensive one from hairspray to shampoos & conditioners to hairspray to hair powder, and while the entire line rocks (pun intended), the Spray It Hard Hairspray and Bombshell Big Hair Powder are my favorites. Seriously, my hair has never been bigger (and in Texas that’s a good thing!). With a tagline like “bigger is better…size matters” this product line definitely delivers.

You can find this rockstar line at most Ulta stores. So go forth, beauties, and rock those locks!


Technology Hiatus….

May 13, 2013

 photo source: weheartit  Have any of you ever taken a technology hiatus? I’m pretty sure I didn’t coin that phrase, but that’s what I’m calling my next couple of weeks. Mr. Crows’ Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite and I just finished a grueling move (I’m talking the kind that makes you swear to random strangers that [...]

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A Spritz Of Springtime: NEST White Narcisse Collection

May 5, 2013

It’s official. Spring has sprung here in Texas, beauty mavens. I’ve been snapping up fresh makeup colors, accessories in all shades of emerald, turquoise, and citron, and bath & body goodies that scream Spring. (I believe they call this Spring Fever?) So to kick off my favorite season, I wanted to find the perfect Springtime [...]

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A Match Made In Skinny Heaven…

April 23, 2013

photo source: weheartit By now you know my three true loves are things that fall into the anti-aging, beauty, and dessert categories (hence the blog name) — but since the latter category is known for having “unfavorable” affects (i.e. making one’s tush wider) I practice that one in major moderation. So when I discover a [...]

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Sleeping Beauty: Best Bedtime Beauty Products

April 14, 2013

It can sure seem like our daily and weekly beauty regimens consist of a never-ending checklist. Whiten teeth? Check. Moisturize? Check. Facial? Check. Salon deep conditioning treatment? Check. Hey, wouldn’t it be great to get some of the beautification process done while we sleep? Great news, beauty mavens! Thanks to products specifically designed for overnight [...]

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Info Graphic Friday: Acne Attack

April 5, 2013

Happy Friday, beauties! Today’s topic? Irksome acne! Does this sound familiar? You’re plagued with pimples or full-blown acne and you’ve tried every product and solution known to (wo)man? Guess what? You’re not alone in the fight for clear, blemish free skin. Here’s an awesome info graphic that offers up no-nonsense advice to send your pimples [...]

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A Powder Worth Celebrating! It Cosmetics Anti-Aging Celebration Foundation…

March 28, 2013

Question: Does anything beat an amazing powder that gives you a flawless complexion? Answer: Only if it contains anti-aging technology! That’s right! I just discovered a pressed foundation worth celebrating, makeup mavens. It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation is a full-coverage foundation that not only delivers gorgeous skin but also includes anti-aging ingredients. (Take that, crows’ feet!) Here’s the skin-loving [...]

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Tips For Picking Your Signature Scent

March 19, 2013

photo source: weheartit Is it just us, or is choosing a new fragrance as exhausting as jean shopping? Yep, perfume picking can be a toughie. Do you go fruity and upbeat? Musky and mysterious? Clean and simple for daytime wear? Or an evening scent that won’t be outshined by your head-turning outfit? Oh, and then [...]

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Locks Lust: Lee Stafford Argan Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment

March 11, 2013

Guess what, hair enthusiasts? Popular British haircare line, Lee Stafford, has made its way across the pond and is available in the US! Started by celeb hairdresser, Lee Stafford, this line has a mega cult following (and for good reason)! I recently had the chance to test-drive the line’s Argan Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment and have [...]

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