Holiday Giveaway! 100 Reasons To Enter!

November 14, 2011

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 I don’t know about you but I’m simply giddy the holiday season has arrived! In fact, I live for the holidays. Yes, in part because of the gifts (hey, who doesn’t love receiving a gift or ten?)…but mostly because of the holiday cheer. Speaking of, let’s spread some! Spa de Soleil is offering our readers their complete Stay Young System. This one is worthy, ladies. The system includes one bottle of Instant Glow, one bottle of Renewal Cream, PLUS a nutrient-rich moisturizer and tinted lip gloss (oh, and this entire set retails for $100)! And if the $ value doesn’t sway you, the product’s dramatic results definitely will. Check out these before and after photos:

Still need another reason to sign up for this giveaway? I can think of 100 of them (did I mention what this set retails for?).

If you’d like to be considered for the giveaway, simply:

1) sign up for Crows’ Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite’s newsletter*
2) then leave your name in the comments section below

*If you already subscribe to the newsletter, then skip step #1.


  • Two (2) winners will each receive: the Spa de Soleil Stay Young System which includes one bottle of the Instant Glow and one bottle of the Renewal Cream
  • Giveaway contest ends on Nov 30th, 2011
  • We’ll hold the random drawing on Dec 1st and the two winners will be contacted by email. The prizes will be mailed out by Spa de Soleil. Good luck!

Happy Holidays,


UPDATE: Congrats to Trista and Judy, who won Spa de Soleil’s Stay Young System! Can’t wait to hear your product feedback, gals!

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  • Trista

    How cool! Pick me, pick me!!! This looks like a great package of goodies! :)

  • chris

    i could use that…..

  • Dana

    Hope I win!!!!

  • Linda

    I need it I just had a baby <3

  • melissa

    I would love this

  • melissa

    Id love to win

  • Liz

    Liz Luebbehusen! Fingers, toes, & eyelashes crossed!

    • Roxy

      This atrilce went ahead and made my day.

  • sarah

    i am always up for trying new great products!

  • Nusia Sookarow

    Nusia Sookarow
    Hope I win :)

  • Susie T

    Sweet!! Super love your blog & also love the give-a-way! (-:

  • Vickie Sheahen

    Love your site!! Let’s loose those Crowsfeet, eat more Cupcakes and of course, we won’t get Cellulite from those…right??

  • Princess Denise

    Awesome Giveaway!!! Don’t want the stress of the Holiday’s showing up on my face :)

  • wooster

    I’ve never of this brand before-sounds promising! I would love to win this one!

  • Giant Sis

    Great system! I’d love to try it!

  • Suzanne Stubblefield

    I’d love to win this–my face NEEDS renewal!! Love your blog, love your recipes!

  • Gift Princess Goden

    Gift Princess Goden

    Would love to win this! Thanks!

  • Kris

    Hope I win this!

  • Jenny

    Wow…the before/after pics are amazing…

  • Samantha

    I could so use this for Xmas!

  • MaryKate

    Love it…and Love to try new products!!!

  • Cynthia Kerr

    If I send you chocolate, does that increase my odds of winning??? :) Seriously, love the “After” results! These products are now on my wish list ~

  • Judy Beth McCrory

    Loved reading all the blog, so original and so good. Best of luck to you in your new business.

  • Trista Granberry

    Does a 2nd entry count? ;) Still think this looks like a great product and would love to win and try it!

  • April

    This looks like some interesting & worthy stuff to try. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, keep up the good work!

  • G.

    I entered! Subscribed to your newsletter.


  • sahara rao

    Subscribed to the newsletter. Love to win the amazing gift!!

  • Nancy

    I am wishing!
    Would love to try this product!

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