Big Spender | Penny Pincher Report: BB Creams

February 29, 2012

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When it comes to beauty spending, there are times when it’s all about the splurge and times when it’s all about being a budgetista (like that time you spent way too much on a pair of Louboutins and had to eat Ramen Noodles for an entire month). So, on behalf of beauty junkies everywhere, Crows’ Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite has created a new article series called Big Spender | Penny Pincher Report. Each post will highlight a new product or beauty trend and provide a Rolls Royce version as well as an economical version, so the choice to splurge or save is entirely your beauty prerogative, product junkies!

Our first Big Spender | Penny Pincher Report is all about the BB creams! This trendy new product is everywhere and for good reason as this magical product will quickly become one of your fave beauty must-haves. First, in case you’re not familiar with BB cream, here’s the scoop:

BB creams (also called beauty balms and blemish balms) provide one-step skincare. This genius cream provides anti-aging, hydration, and the coverage of a light foundation – all in a single tube. Think tinted moisturizer that helps fight fine lines, dullness, uneven skin tone, and acne, plus provides SPF protection, blemish coverage, and acts as a primer for makeup. (Whew. With that long list of benefits, the one-step skincare title is well deserved.)

Ready to meet your next beauty addiction? Here are our BB cream Big Spender | Penny Pincher picks:

[Big Spender] 3Lab Perfect BB Cream SPF 40 $95

3Lab BB Cream offers three shades (Tint 1, Tint 2, and Tint 3) and is infused with bio-engineered growth hormone and apple stem cell technology that helps regenerate new skin cells, brighten, and moisturizer while providing a hint of sheer color. The price tag hurts our feelings but 3Lab makes ah-mazing, cutting-edge skincare products and we have no doubt their BB cream will blow your BB minds!
 [Penny Pincher] Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream $13

Offered in two shades (Light/Medium and Medium/Deep), Garnier’s BB cream offers SPF 15 protection and contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin to provide moisturize and vitamin C to help skin look radiant. For 13 bucks, this BB cream is a no brainer if you’re wanting to try this one-step moisturizer without breaking the beauty bank!

What’s it going to be, beauty enthusiasts? Big Spender…or Penny Pincher? We’re so glad this popular Asian beauty trend has made it to our continent. Happy one-stepping it, beauty junkies!

Do you have a beauty product you’d like to see featured in our Big Spender | Penny Pincher Report series? Email us at crowscupcell {at} gmail {dot} com!

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  • Trista Granberry

    OOH, super excited about the new series and what a great product to start with. I’m really wanting to try the Penny Pincher on this one!

  • Sasha

    Yay! Glad to hear you’re excited about the Big Spender | Penny Pincher Report! Keep me posted on what you think about Garnier’s BB cream!

  • Jackie

    Like this series idea! I’m a total spend thrift so it’s great to have the different pricing options!

    • Sasha

      Awesome! And if you have any product/trend suggestions for this series, share ‘em!

  • Dena

    A BB cream is definitely on my beauty wish list. Great post!

    • Sasha

      Thanks, Dena!

  • Beth Cann

    I’m going to be trying the Garnier BB cream for
    BzzAgent soon. Can’t wait!

    • Sasha

      Report back on what you think about it!

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