Boost Your Existing Skin Products For Cheap With This Game Changer!

April 16, 2012

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Skincare and cosmetics maker Astral Brands (the company behind Pur Minerals) has created a cutting edge product that, in short, takes your current skincare products from “everyday” to “cosmeceutical grade.” Sounds like magic, right? By mixing a dab of the Super Shot ($49) serum with your existing moisturizer, your everyday skin cream is transformed into an enhanced, more effective one via the Super Shot’s advanced ingredients. (Insert oooohs and aaaaahs here!) This one-drop wonder basically amplifies the potency of skin brightening, smoothing, and firming products. (How’s that for innovative genius?)

Now if you’ve followed this blog long, you know I’m a complete sucker for snazzy packaging. So I’ll admit that at first blush the Super Shot’s sleek container (that resembles a hypodermic needle) totally sucked me in. However my skepticism quickly ensued at the idea of a serum transforming my average skincare products into more effective versions. Fast forward several weeks: it most definitely delivers on its one-drop promise!

Here’s a snapshot of how this oh-so-magical serum works:

  • Increases current concentration of your existing moisturizer’s ingredients
  • Adds additional problem-solving ingredients (12 in all) to your existing moisturizer
  • When combined, boosts overall effective of the existing moisturizer you’re using

And I should note that while I’ll splurge on some beauty goodies, I typically don’t spend gobs of money on moisturizers and eye creams. So if I can “boost” my current products with a dab of this serum and get cosmeceutical results, that’s an enhancement I’m all over (no needles required). You can find the Super Shot at Ulta or on Super Shot’s website.

Big-time beauty boosting affects (less the needle and painful poke)? Super! Happy performance enhancing, beauty enthusiasts!

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  • Jackie

    This stuff sounds amazing!

    • Sasha

      It’s got my vote for one of the most innovative skincare products this year!

  • Stephanie

    Hmm. Interesting concept ;)

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