Why Beauty Product Packaging Is Like Kryptonite!

April 27, 2012

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I’ll admit it. I’m a total sucker for product packaging. Nothing gets my pulse racing like gorgeous, pretty, clever packaging. Indeed, I’m a company’s dream consumer as I’ve bought countless beauty goodies based solely on the oh-so-appealing packaging. That whole don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover thing is completely lost on me, especially when it comes to buying beauty products. And apparently I’m not alone as almost 90 % of consumers do the same.

The Power Of Packaging

First starters, did you know packaging is one of the largest industries in the world? According to Sunrise Packaging, 89% of consumers say it’s important for a brand to feature good packaging. Per their study, when asked if they’d ever purchased a product based purely on its packaging 84% of those interviewed said yes. The interviewees also said they’d be willing to pay 5% more for a product with good packaging and would even consider switching brands based on packaging alone. I must admit I’m glad to know the power of appealing packaging affects the majority. Perhaps it helps me justify my lack of willpower and spending when it comes to attractive beauty products. (Stunning packaging truly is like Kryptonite…I’m powerless against the pretty design, clever adjectives, and big promises.)

So Does Pretty Packaging Mean A Better Product?

Like a moth to a flame, eye-catching, creative packaging draws many of us in. (I mean really, who wants to buy a product that’s, well, boring?) Hey, if something’s going to make us look more beautiful (makeup, hair products, skincare creams) we expect the packaging to be beautiful too. So, how can we pretty packaging junkies avoid products that fall short once you get beyond the container? Here are some easy tips to ensure your product isn’t just another pretty face:  Read on…

For the complete article go to Why Beauty Product Packaging Is Like Kryptonite on GalTime.com! I’m thrilled to announce Crows’ Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite has joined GalTime.com’s Editorial Beauty Expert panel and is a regular article contributor! 

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  • Dana

    Great article and SO very true. I def buy makeup based on the packaging ;)

    • Sasha

      Yep, the pretty the packaging, the quicker it goes in my cart :)

  • Jackie

    I’m with you on this!

    • Sasha

      Product packaging junkies unite! :)

  • http://trista@bpcap.net Trista Granberry

    Yep, I too am a sucker for this! Fall for it every time! ;)

    • Sasha

      Ditto ;) The prettier, shinier, sparklier the packaging, the more I get sucked in!

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  • Susie T

    *sighs* I am so fortunate for Sephora’s & ULTA’s awesome return policies, for I am a ‘all that glitters’ consumer, with a cabinet (or two) full of goodies I lusted after, only to be disappointed! That said I HATE over-packaging (want not waste not!) and I hate BIG bottle with very little products inside )-: what a waste and so not EU eco cool ~so points off for that type to ‘bigger is more’ packaging for this greenie!

    • Sasha

      I’m with you on the “all that glitters” allure ;) Gets me every time. My bathroom looks like a mini version of Ulta. And hats off to you for being a “greenie”…I’m starting to really embrace the “green/eco” thing – especially the all-natural-no-creepy-ingredients route. Thanks for the awesome comments, Suze!

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