Anastasia Lash Genius: Smarten Up Your Lashes!

May 3, 2012

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So the mascara world just got a whole lot smarter, thanks to well-know brow guru Anastasia Beverly Hills. Brow (and now lash) wizard, Anastasia will soon debut Lash Genius – a clear topcoat for eyelashes that, in short, waterproofs your existing mascara while also providing a soft lacquer-like finish to your lashes.

The beauty 411: This oh-so-genius mascara instantly waterproofs and protects your existing mascara all day long (sans the typical drying, flaking, smudging, or clumping). So what’s the big deal? This mascara is the first of its kind and will instantly waterproof and protect your everyday mascara! Another big plus? Lash Genius will also help to promote lash health by not making lashes brittle and easy to break or pull out like most waterproof mascaras tend to do. To boot, Lash Genius’ silicone resin provides long-lasting effects and big-time lash definition (read: no clumpy lashes). And for those that have a fear of waterproof mascara being impossible to remove, think again. This mascara easily washes off just like a non-waterproof mascara would. (I’m so happy about this part I could cry – and the good news is my mascara won’t budge.)

Why you’ll love it: Think of it as a colorless “topcoat” for your existing mascara that will keep your lash color in place all day long with no hardened clumps mid-day. And picky mascara brush enthusiasts, rejoice! The Lash Genius brush, in a word, rocks. It grabs (and separates) each lash, coating them evenly. And if your mind isn’t blown yet, it’s about to be! If you wear falsies (or aspire to), even better as Lash Genius can be used on false eyelashes to lock in your applied mascara as well as hold the false lashes in place. So whether you’re in the market for an ultra worthy waterproof mascara, a topcoat that will amplify your existing mascara, or a booster for your falsies, Anastasia Lash Genius will deliver the lush lashes goods.

This revolutionary mascara ($21) will be available in May at all Sephora stores as well as online. So put this one on your beauty radar screen, makeup mavens, as it will most definitely be love at first coat…

Want to see this innovative mascara in action? Check out this YouTube Lash Genius tutorial:

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  • Dana

    Ooooh, sounds awesome for false lashes!

    • Sasha

      Your falsies will love it ;)

  • Trista Granberry

    How cool and easy and smart!

    • Sasha

      Agree! Don’t you just love beauty innovation? ;)

  • Chochay

    Great Mascara..nice blog.

    • Sasha

      Thanks for the awesome words, Chochay!

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