The Last Makeup Bag You’ll Ever Buy

May 9, 2012

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There are things a gal expects to never find a perfect version of — from jeans that fit like a glove to the perfect man (insert dramatic sigh here) to an all-encompassing makeup organizer. Alas these things are about as elusive as unicorns, leprechauns, and husbands who beg to do laundry. While the first two might continue to be tough to find, I’m about to blow your beauty-loving world, makeup mavens, as I’ve discovered the makeup bag of all makeup bags.

In times past, if you found a makeup organizer that was big enough for all your makeup it was typically hard-sided (making it awkward to travel with) and, well, quite unsightly (read: ugly). And if you were lucky enough to find a soft-sided makeup bag that was attractive inevitably it was too small or didn’t have enough compartments. Well are you sitting down for this? Allow me turn you on to the Hold Me Bag – a makeup organizer that has finally changed the inefficient, bulky, never-quite-right, looks-like-grandma’s makeup bag, once and for all.

The beauty 411: First, banish everything you know about typical makeup bags (there’s no Velcro, metal clasps, or hard-sided plastic on this lush organizer). The inspiration for this killer organizer? The creators of the Hold Me Bag (cleverly named, as it can “hold” a boatload of makeup) got fed up with not being able to find a worthy makeup organizer and decided to fill the void. (Insert cheers here!) So their quest to create the perfect bag began and the end product was a makeup organizer that can hold (and organize) your cosmetics, brushes, tools – all while being able to “see” them. (This last one is a biggie as most of us are visual and if we can’t see what we have we forget we have it. No man, err, eyeliner left behind!) The finished creation? A smart, pretty n’ plush, makeup bag that will streamline your daily makeup routine.

Why you’ll love it: First, let’s talk texture. The exterior of this much-need innovative makeup organizer is made of “Knew Suede” which is a high-performance fabric that even Iron Man couldn’t easily tear up. To boot, this fabric makes it super easy to clean (so the most stubborn makeup spills/smudges can be quickly wiped away). The vinyl-like interior is equally as impressive and offered in a variety of sassy patterns. The bag itself was fashioned after a schoolgirl’s book-bag and has a wrap-around self-tie that’s as easy to tie and untie as snapping your fingers (so long Velcro, magnets, metal clasps, and all other annoying closures).

The adjustable tie also allows for different depths of storage (whether lightly packed or packed to the gills). To me, this is one of the most innovative parts of the Hold Me Bag, as past bags have never allowed for adjustability. Even more impressive? The size and depth and endless compartments. The Hold Me Bag measures 10″ H x 7″ W x 2″ D closed and extends to 22″ W fully opened (think of the size of a PEOPLE Magazine). Think next generation of makeup organization, beauty mavens, as this bag provides expansive storage.

Spaciousness + lots of compartments = a must for the perfect makeup bag!

This bag is so deep I swear I could use it as an overnight garment bag!

Now let’s talk price tag. This ultra plush organizer bag retails for $59 — and while that might sound a smidge pricey, keep in mind it’s 100% hand made right here in the good ‘ole USA (in other words: it’s not your typical made-in-Taiwan product that will undoubtedly fall apart in 12 months). A makeup bag that will last as long my 20-years-and-running soap opera? Yes, please! You can find these plush bags on Hold Me Bag’s website as well as Amazon. Whether you’re a makeup artist, a makeup junkie (like myself), or simply someone who has been searching high and low for the perfect makeup organizer that’s easy to use day-to-day as well as travel with, the hunt is over. On behalf of all makeup users everywhere, thank you, Hold Me Bag, for a long awaited, much needed cosmetics organizer that finally delivers.

Now, if only someone could create the perfect portable closet for our countless clothes and endless accessories, we could start a revolution…

Happy organizing, makeup enthusiasts!

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  • Jackie

    Wow….this bag looks awesome. I like all the space and storage compartments.

    • Sasha

      Indeed! The pics don’t do it justice…it’s larger and more spacious than it looks. Seriously, I could pack clothes in this bag (which means I an fit A LOT of makeup/beauty products in it ;)

  • Samantha

    Great review! Trying to find the perfect makeup bag is just about impossible. Will definitely check this one out.

    • Sasha

      Thanks! Be sure to report back if you try it ;) Happy organizing!

  • Margaret

    Ok! I just ordered one. Can’t wait to try it out. I liked one of the other prints but could not do the $95 for it but $59 worked out fine. Plus I liked the fact that the one you have – a portion goes to Breast Cancer research so win win all the way around!

    • Sasha

      I can’t wait to hear back from you on how much you love it (and trust me, you’re gonna love it ;) Be sure to report back once you’ve gotten it and filled it with all your makeup/products!

      • Margaret

        Awesome bag and super well made– but not big enough to hold all my make-up. I know, I know. But I will be the first to admit I am a make up junkie. It was not even big enough for what I carry during the day- touch up stuff and all my glosses. But if you carry the most basic items it will be ideal. And big bonus- they are a very nice company to deal with.

        • Sasha

          Wow…it doesn’t even fit/hold your day-to-day stuff? Which model did you buy? Love that you refer to yourself as a makeup junkie ;)

          • Margaret

            The same one you had… with the pink lily lining. I have about 2 versions of everything I use in the morning … that i have in make up bags to take to work. (I may have a concealer- but the brand in home makeup bag is two faced and travel is Bobbi) I like to touch up after lunch and I usually go someplace after work about every day- whether to have drinks, to a function, to a charity thing, or just out. So I want to be prepared for anywhere the day may take me. I have worked in the past for Lancome, Neiman’s and Sephora in the past = so I am a sucker for anything new. (Or another pinky brown lip gloss.. another bronzer, etc etc etc.) Also- I really do not do the same look everyday with my make up. I change up eyeshadow, liners, blush, look daily. So I need alot of stuff!! Is this way more information than you need to know? ha ha ha!!!

          • Sasha

            I hear you on the wanting to be prepared thing. I currently use my bag for the week’s makeup picks I’m using at that time (which I try to rotate out every couple of weeks so I don’t get in a makeup “rut”). If I tried to fit ALL my cosmetics into a single bag it would have to be the size of a semi truck ;) My husband jokes that my makeup needs its own room. But for day-to-day or an overnight trip, this bag works. I really like all the compartments/sections in it as it seems most bags never have enough separated sections ;) Ah, the joys of trying to schlep and organize our makeup!

  • Lauren (The Witty Biddy)

    Need. This. NOW.

    Though, it doesn’t compare to the accidental-3-corner bag I made last week in Beginner Sewing (that’s a good thing).

    • Sasha

      Yep, this makeup bag rocks!

  • Crystal Storer

    Great bag! Thanks!

    • Sasha

      Do you have one? if so, report back with thoughts/details!

  • Trista Granberry

    Love it! I really love the look of the side for the brushes. I hate traveling and trying to find just the right way to get all of them packed. And it really does seem roomy enough for everything. Even kind of cute! :)

    • Sasha

      Yep, this makeup bag rocks. And I don’t dole out glowing reviews unless it’s worthy and then some. I’m so stoked I can finally mark this one of the “why can’t they come up with this” list ;)

  • Moxie

    Wow. I’ve never read about the Hold Me Bag, so I thank you for the post. Love the photo of some of your products in the bag. xo

    • Sasha

      Always glad to turn a fellow makeup enthusiast onto awesome beauty tools! Thanks for the comment love, Moxie ;)

  • merrybelly

    awesome bag!! mine never fully closes :\

    • Sasha

      Wow…you must have it packed with 10 tons of makeup then ;)

  • Jana

    This is just fab!!!

    • Sasha

      Thanks for the feedback/comment love, Jana!

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