Bronze Lockdown: Extend The Life Of Your Tan With This Clever Moisturizer

May 31, 2012

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When I go on a vacation that calls for fun, sun, and umbrella-adorned drinks, I’m always elated to go from Casper-the-Ghost to semi-bronzed-beauty. But atlas, my tanned bod is usually short-lived as it always seems my newly acquired color disappears faster than I can say “tanned temptress.” To boot, I hate using my yearly sun points (hey, skin preservation before sun damage and wrinkles) only to have the results pull a disappearing act in a few days. An oh-so-smart solution and recent discovery of mine? Australian Gold’s Tan Extender Moisture Lock. Yep, a moisturizer that extends and even enhances my hard-earned tan! Golden! Here’s the skinny, tan-loving mavens, locked n’ loaded:

Product 411: This smart body and face moisturizer prolongs the life of your tan with its unique after-tan formula. To boot, this double-duty-pulling moisturizer is packed with major moisture and nutrients (like Vitamin E, aloe, and Australian extracts) leaving your skin silky soft. Post beach, apply daily to help lock in your golden goddess color. Australian Gold also makes a version that includes a build-in bronzer, which locks in your existing tan while also enhancing it (via a dual-action bronzing complex).

Why you’ll love it: A moisturizer that leaves your skin super soft and extends the tan you’ve been working on all summer (for around 10 bucks)? ‘Nuf said!

Consider yourself a tanning warden, beauty enthusiasts, as this smart moisturizer will put that bronzed bod of yours on lockdown all summer long!

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  • Dana

    This sounds awesome!

    • Sasha

      Indeed…anything that makes my tan last longer…pure awesomeness!

  • Steph

    I’ve used this before and it definitely helped my tan last longer.

    • Sasha

      Doesn’t it smell delicious enough to eat?!? ;)

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