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July 12, 2012

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Funny how much time and discussion is spent on above-the-neck skincare…but when it comes to our, err, nether region it’s rare we apply the same attention (let alone find premium skincare products designed for it). A friend of mine who, shall we say, takes her intimate grooming very seriously recently turned me on to Project FIG (primo products for your down-there area). Their tagline says it all: “Finally, a premium facial-quality skincare system for intimate grooming.” Hey, we hear about “vajazzling” and other strange bikini waxing trends…why not skincare products for your below-the-belt region?

What exactly is intimate grooming, you ask? Project FIG’s products are designed to prevent irksome issues like ingrown hairs, red bumps, razor burn, and irritation from regrowth. So, whether you’re a shaver or waxer, these grooming goodies will arm you with the necessary tools to ensure your bikini region is healthy and smooth.

Ready to avoid those embarrassing trips to the Gyno or beach when your bikini and inner thigh areas resemble a not-so-trendy polka-dotted pattern? Here are the intimate details on these grooming goods, skincare enthusiasts:

Shave Gel ~ Made especially to soften hair and allow a blade to easily and evenly glide over skin, Project FIG Shave Gel is the perfect solution for women who want to shave it all or simply groom around the outer regions. It has the ability to stay on the skin when needed and then rinse with water for an effectively close and comfortable shave.

Soothing Serum ~ Project FIG Soothing Serum calms, cools and protects the skin after grooming, and is designed to keep ingrown hair at bay, via its Papaya Extract (known for its ability to dissolve dead skin cells) and White Willow Bark (a natural form of salicylic acid that removes dead skin and also soothes the skin).

Exfoliant ~ Project FIG Exfoliant polishes the skin to remove dead cell buildup and helps avert ingrown hair. A combination of micro-fine bamboo stem powder and skin-softening Jojoba Beads that leaves skin silky-smooth and prepared for the closest shave possible. An added bonus? Project FIG Exfoliant is gentle enough to use in the most intimate areas, yet effective for all-over body exfoliation.

Hair Inhibitor ~ Project FIG Hair Inhibitor provides longer wait
times between grooming. Designed for women who shave, wax, use a depilatory or other means of intimate grooming, it easily penetrates down into the hair shaft to slow the appearance of hair regrowth, so you can groom less often and experience less irritation.

To check out their full line of products, you can go to Project FIG’s website. Get “figgy” with it, beauty enthusiasts!

What do you think, beauties? Does your bikini area deserves more TLC? Any grooming tips you swear by? Share ‘em in the comments box below!

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  • Trista Granberry

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    • Sasha

      That’s right ;) I know….Will Smith would be mortified, right???? ;)

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