A By-Season Beauty Box That’s Designed Just For You: wantable.co

October 19, 2012

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Raise your hand if you love that oh-so-thrilling feeling you get when you receive new beauty products? Me too! Which is probably why the beauty box subscription craze has become so popular. And these days there’s certainly no shortage to choose from (eeny, meeny, miny, mo, anyone?). But, unfortunately, I’m one of those “picky” makeup and beauty product junkies that doesn’t want to commit to products I may not be wild about each month. Thus, my excitement to discover wantable.co, a seasonable beauty box subscription that – get this – tailors each and every box to your specific style profile. So, every three months a tailored beauty box arrives at your front doorstep containing products you know you’ll like. Pure beauty box genius.

Unlike other beauty subscription boxes, wantable.co uses professional makeup artists to curate the makeup assortments, which are personalized for each customer based on their style, look, and season. (Okay, seriously…how awesome is that? It’s like having your own makeup artist on hand!) Here’s the subscription-loving scoop, beauties:

Beauty 411: wantable.co offers beauty boxes that are personalized based on each customers unique style and personality. Customers answer around 10 style questions to build their style profile. Then each box (which contains full-sized products) is then tailored to the customer’s specific style profile. To boot, each box contains full print-outs of personalized style tips and tutorial guides for creating an in-season look using the box’s products. (Full-sized products + tutorial guides? Pure beauty box greatness!) And unlike most beauty box subscriptions, wantable.co doesn’t auto-bill every three months (which makes us non-commitment phobes super happy). Each season (or every three months) you’re invited back to order a new box, if you choose to. (I just love it when beauty and simplicity intersect!)

Why you’ll love it: Imagine a curated, coordinated beauty that fits you perfectly. And unlike most subscription boxes, wantable.co offers full-sized products. Brands include Urban Decay, Paula Dorf, Bobbi Brown, tarte, bfr (beauty for real), and a slew of others. And each box is in fittingly in sync with the season (so you can rock those trendy burgundy lips this fall, complements your beauty box subscription)!

Beauty bottom line: Each $40 box (yep, that includes shipping) is valued at over $100. Full-sized, popular brands that are tailored to your specific style each season? This might just be the smartest beauty box concept. Ever.

To learn more about the wantable.co beauty box, head on over to their website. Think of it as Christmas every season (sans the cat sweaters from grandma and tube socks from your creepy Uncle Lou)…

What do you think about a seasonal beauty box, beauties? What’s your fave beauty box subscription? 

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  • http://www.moxiereviews.com Moxie

    This is a great idea for a beauty box subscription. I’m glad you reviewed it as I had never heard of it!

    • Sasha

      I just discovered them a few weeks ago and was uber impressed with their concept. Love the idea of a beauty box being “tailored” to my style. Pure genius ;)

  • http://beauty4divas.blogspot.com Becky

    This sounds like something I would love to try! Thanks for the tip. I currently subscribe to several subscription boxes, all beauty themed.

    • Sasha

      Thanks for the comments/thoughts, Becky!

  • http://www.kmakesithappen.blogspot.com kassie

    I am so obsessed with beauty boxes and am currently on a wating list for topbox, I have been for 2 months :) I didn’t know about this one. I agree the value is really good because they off high end brands in full sizes but I love reciveing a box every month not every 3 months thats the only downside to this one but I might just give it a shot and see how I like it. Thanks so much for sharing

    • Sasha

      Ditto, the high-end brands and full-sized products are bonuses. But what really got my attention is it’s customized to each person’s specific style/preferences. Love that!

      Thanks for the comments, Kassie!

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