Fanny Firmer: Jillian Michaels Hard Body DVD

March 7, 2013

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Spring is right around the corner, people. And you know what that means. Bathing. Suits. (Or Operation Fanny Firmer for most of us.) So what’s this year’s plan? I figured I’d enlist the help of one of America’s most popular tush-kicking fitness experts, Jillian Michael’s and her newest DVD, Hard Body. And being the over-achiever that I am, I decided to add her latest book, Slim For Life, to the fanny-firming mix (or what I like to call my fitness+nutrition one/two punch). Here’s the booty-kicking skinny (pun intended), beauties:

Fanny-firming 411: Jillian Michaels Hard Body DVD is an uber effective total body workout for torching calories and transforming your entire physique (emphasis on the torching part). This DVD is comprised of two 45 minute, body-blasting workouts that progress in difficulty. The routines are quick paced and designed to deliver a high-energy workout (read: you’ll be sweating your tush off). The cardio is mostly high impact, moves like “flying jacks” and “half-turn squat jumps.” The toning is equally tough, exercises like “pivot lunges” and “lateral moving push-ups.” Each program uses different moves in a similar format. You’ll do six aerobics-and-toning circuits, then you’ll repeat the series a second time. The sequences combine proven favorites with Jillian-specific variations (e.g. a straight-leg sit-up that’s intensified with a rolling superman lift). And her book, Slim For Life, delivers an easy-to-understand game plan about diet, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle to provide everything one needs to achieving their body transformation goals. (Beach…bikinis…bring it!)

Why you’ll love ‘em: This DVD keeps you challenged with a non-stop series of endlessly-changing combos (think new routine every 30 seconds)! And in 200+ pages, you can utilize Jillian’s insider secrets for optimizing your fat-burning potential. It’s basically like having your own celebrity personal trainer (without the yelling and screaming and crying).

You can find the Hard Body DVD ($12.73) at Amazon and Slim For Life ($16) at Target. Take that, itty bitty bikini! Happy fanny-firming, beauties!

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